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Wingsurf - Wingfoil

Wingsurf and Wingfoil, is a new sailing concept that is really popular in recent years!
It doesn't have a mast tied to the board like windsurfing, there are no cables like in kitesurfing, the equipment can be assembled in a few minutes, and fun is guaranteed!

There are those who like to combine sailing with a foil board, but this is not necessary to start with. For this reason it is an activity that can be carried out by anyone, without danger (but always with caution).
The "wings" are made with the same material as kitesurf sails, very light and resistant to shocks.
The center hold can be rigid just like a windsurfing boom, or inflatable. In recent years, windows have been added just like windsurf sails, so that we can better see where we are moving.

Self-learning is possible, but not recommended. The first thing to learn about these sports is the wind and how to behave accordingly.

Why does almost everyone use a foil board?
As with kitesurfing and windsurfing, even in wingsurfing you can choose from many sizes based on the strength of the wind, the weight of the rider and the volume of the board. The foils, "flying", eliminate the friction with the water, making the board much faster, and this sport much more adrenaline.