Have you ever heard of surfskate? It's a new, fun and training type of skateboard.
To move with the surfskate you will have to simulate the movement of surfing on the waves, which is why it is the most chosen and loved board by those who practice water sports.
Very similar to a longboard, but shorter and the trucks are much softer.

In many cities it is becoming an eco-friendly solution for getting around even on the way home - work.

TOP Brand: For us there is only one valid brand for surfskates, Carver. They are the founders of this beautiful discipline, and have developed two types of trucks,

CX and C7.
CX can be said to be for the more experienced, it requires a little more practice, it is stiffer to move, but it also allows you to do the most beautiful tricks in parks and wooden waves.
C7 you will really feel on the waves, but out of the water. To move well you will still have to simulate a ride, but the trucks are definitely softer than the CX, and it is usually recommended with a longer deck. This is perfect for entertaining wherever there is a flat surface.

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Surf everywhere with Carver CX and C7

With Trasimeno Outdoor it is possible to approach this discipline by booking a lesson (for adults and children), accompanied by experts in the sector. We have boards with CX and C7 trucks available if you don't have your own, and we can help you choose your first surfskate.
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